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  • To see people around the World fully understand and embrace the Smooth Style of Dance, its history and structure.

  • To encourage the incorporation of unique cultures and personalities into the further development of Smooth.

  • To provide the most effective training tools and resources for Smooth style dancers of any affiliation and level, so that they can fully realize their dancing potential.

  • What is Smooth?

    The origins of the Style from the early innovators through to current influencers, the development of the Smooth style and how it is evolving for the future.

  • How to Teach Smooth?

    Learning Systems used to build a solid foundation in Smooth at the Bronze and Silver levels and develop Advanced and Elite Choreography, Styling and Techniques.

  • Smooth Resources

    Global Contacts, Competitions, Events and Vendors, Learning and Teaching Smooth, Smooth Syllabus, Smooth Choreography.

Global Progress

Milestones involving GSA team members: